Construction-ManagementConstruction Management

The WBDC prides itself in its ability to offer a plethora of services to fit each client’s individual needs, offering assistance in overall project planning, coordination, and consultation from the inception of a project until its completion. With experience on projects ranging from the historic rehabilitation of a Broadway-style theatre to the construction of an industrial roadway, the WBDC has successfully represented its clients and delivered high-quality results to each project it takes on.

State and Local Permitting Assistance

With its extensive experience in state and local permitting, the WBDC will assist in identifying the required permits necessary for your project and assess the best course of action for pursuing such permits. The WBDC will assist in navigating through the entire permitting process, from preparing the permits, attending public hearings, and organizing additional meetings to help foster the permit applications through the process. Additionally, the WBDC will assist their clients in the monitoring permits and compliance issues with the various permitting process.

Grant-Research,-Writing-&-AdministrationGrant Research, Writing & Administration

Municipalities often times are unaware of the various Federal and State grant sources that are available, or do not have the capacity to write, apply, and administer the grant while balancing other operations. Grants can be used to plan for development, as well as design and construct and relocate water lines, sewer lines, roadways, or to upgrade or improve existing infrastructure. The WBDC has worked closely with the EPA, EDA, DEP, EOT, and DHCD to obtain various grants. To date, the WBDC has successfully secured over $50 million in Federal and State grants. The WBDC will utilize its extensive grant writing skills to put together a strong grant application and follow it through the approval process, helping to advocate on your behalf.

Planning-Market-Trends-&-AnalysesPlanning – Market Trends & Analyses

One of the keys to successful development is having an order and a strategy for development. With extensive experience in economic development, the WBDC can assist in conducting an analysis of development potentials and market conditions and creating a vision statement. This vision statement will help in developing an implementation strategy that may include environmental work, land assembly, infrastructure relocation and/or new construction, strategic financing, and grant strategies to allow for the maximization of project timing. Throughout the project, the WBDC will continue to discuss and evaluate reports, progress, next steps, and overall goals and strategies to ensure the best development possible.

Property-ManagementProperty Management

The WBDC coordinates administration of all real estate functions and oversees a team of experienced contractors. With these services, the Property Management Division is actively responding to the needs of property owners throughout the City of Worcester. The WBDC works to properly manage the property, maintain a clean, safe, and accessible workplace for existing tenants. Doing so will limit deferred maintenance and unexpected expenses. From emergency on-call service, maintenance contracts, monthly & yearly inspections, evaluating routine service for life of equipment, and replacement accounting services, WBDC Property Management Division provides affordable and efficient service.

Tax-Credit-ApprovalsTax Credit Approvals (Historic, Brownfields, New Markets)

Tax credits are an invaluable resource to any real estate project; however, navigating through the various rules and regulations to obtain these credits can be a time-consuming and difficult process. The WBDC has significant experience in identifying and obtaining various tax credits to bolster the economic feasibility of development projects. The WBDC can assist in obtaining and coordinating the various tax credits to ensure the greatest effect and overall versatility towards your development project.

Environmental-Assessment-&-RemediationEnvironmental Assessment & Remediation

With an extensive history of successful completion of both small and large-scale Brownfields projects, the WBDC can offer clients assistance in conducting environmental testing, as well as determining the most comprehensive, cost-effective approach to remediation of contaminated sites. With a successful past of obtaining grant funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the WBDC can assist developing a creative financing and grant source mechanism to assess and remediate contaminated Brownfields projects.

SBA-504-loan-programSBA 504 Loan Program

As an authorized Certified Development Corporation (CDC) since 1981, the WBDC assists small business owners investing in the growth of their companies through the SBA 504 Loan Program. WBDC partners with local banks, accountants, real estate brokers, attorneys, and their clients to identify and structure and the most beneficial financing program appropriate for the acquisition of real estate, buildings, machinery, and equipment which create jobs and tax base expansion for the New England region. SBA 504 Loans offer fixed asset financing at affordable rates and terms. Since interception, the WBDC has funded loans totaling in excess of $50 million with well over 100 growing businesses throughout Massachusetts resulting in nearly 1,206 jobs created and 2,260 retained….Read More