• Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito
    Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito Lieutenant Governor

    Commonwealth of MA

    “The Worcester Business Development Corporation is a key partner in our administration’s work to promote growth and opportunity across Massachusetts. Since entering office, we have been proud to work closely with the WBDC to advance new housing, jobs and investment throughout Worcester County, strengthening the region’s position as a place to do business and raise a family. We are grateful to the WBDC for their continued partnership? to serve the needs of residents and businesses in the heart of our Commonwealth.”

  • James P. McGovern
    James P. McGovern Congressman

    US House of Representatives

    “The Worcester Business Development Corporation continues to play a decisive and transformative role in Worcester’s revitalization and renewal.?Working with federal agencies like the Economic Development Administration and Environmental Protection Agency,?the WBDC’s leadership and guidance helps our region secure and successfully utilize millions of dollars of federal grant money. And from Gateway Park to the Hanover Theatre, the WBDC’s staff works hand-in-hand with my own team to help bring economic growth and jobs to Worcester and beyond. We are fortunate to have a team of such vision, expertise, and passion helping to shape Worcester’s future.”

  • Joseph M. Petty
    Joseph M. Petty Mayor

    City of Worcester

    “The WBDC was created in 1965 by City Manager Francis McGrath for the sole purpose of revitalizing the City of Worcester.? Since that time the WBDC has taken on the projects that were too risky or too costly for a market driven actor to take on.? The WBDC continues to create opportunities for investment that are moving our city forward.? These projects contribute to a shared vision of a revitalized downtown Worcester.”

  • Katie Krock
    Katie Krock Managing Member

    Central Building Development Group

    “For those contemplating complex and challenging development projects, there is no better partner than the WBDC. Their dedicated and knowledgeable staff approach projects with tenacity and creativity.? The WBDC shepherds projects from inception through completion tackling challenges ranging from historic restoration, brownfields cleanup and tax credit financing.? The successful redevelopment of 332 Main Street would not have been possible without the commitment demonstrated by the WBDC.”

  • Mike O’Brien
    Mike O’Brien CEO & Principal

    Galaxy Life Sciences

    “Galaxy Development and Galaxy Life Sciences are honored to be chosen by the WBDC to complete the development of The Reactory biomanufacturing park in Worcester.?? The new buildings will add several hundred jobs to the City and substantial tax revenue.?? What the WBDC has been able to accomplish creating the park from the former State hospital property was a huge undertaking and they moved it through the many delicate processes with precision for several years.?? The WBDC has created enormous opportunities with this project that will benefit many people through each phase of the development, construction and then long term employment.? ?The City of Worcester and surrounding communities are very fortunate to have the WBDC team producing one successful project after another for so many years.”

  • Chip Norton
    Chip Norton President

    Franklin Realty Advisors LLC

    “The WBDC has been instrumental in many of the major development efforts in Central Massachusetts, for over 55 years. Franklin Realty Advisors LLC has partnered successfully with the WBDC for over 30 of those years.?? Their efforts over many of those years has resulted in an enormous economic impact in the area of positive economic development for greater Worcester. Our company has collaborated successfully with the WBDC on the transformation of Mercantile Center in downtown Worcester and the Southbridge Innovation Center in Southbridge, Massachusetts.


    Their vision, collaborative leadership, and economic knowledge of the resources in Central Massachusetts make them a critical partner in any new development initiative.? Partnering with the WBDC enables a company to immediately develop the strategies inherently needed to navigate the permitting, development, construction, and government arena.? The WBDC guidance enables the economic progression of a project to become streamlined, and therefore ultimately delivers an economic and civic success.”

  • Julie A. Jacobson
    Julie A. Jacobson Town Manager

    Town of Auburn

    “The WBDC has successfully facilitated several regional initiatives that have created jobs for residents in Central Massachusetts and resulted in economic spin-off for the Worcester Region. The Hanover Theater is a spectacular example of the type of public-private partnerships that the WBDC has forged to stimulate economic development. The Hanover Theater attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Worcester Region throughout the year, impacting area hotels and restaurants, and providing a tremendous cultural venue here in Central Massachusetts. Through the professional efforts and leadership of the WDBC, cities and towns have partnered with industry and not-for-profit organizations to leverage financing and bring housing, economic and cultural projects to fruition.”

  • Gail E. Carberry, Ed.D.
    Gail E. Carberry, Ed.D. Former President

    Quinsigamond Community College

    “The Worcester Business Development Corporation has worked closely with Quinsigamond Community College to enable the college to expand its specialized educational and training facilities. WBDC and QCC have always worked as ‘hand and glove’ organizations. The college has focused on developing a workforce to support regional business development, while WBDC has worked to ensure the businesses have access to quality facilities to promote their Worcester-Centric viability. By teaming to create the QCC Healthcare and Workforce Development Center in downtown Worcester, the WBDC and QCC have recognized that new opportunities for mutual support can lead to even greater successes for this community we serve.”

  • Tim Murray
    Tim Murray President & CEO

    Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

    “Throughout the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to work with the WBDC in various roles that I have held as Mayor of Worcester, Lieutenant Governor, and now president and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce. Throughout that time, the WBDC has been leading transformative collaborations with local business institutions and municipalities to repurpose brownfield sites and underutilized buildings aimed at spurring job creation and tax base expansion. Gateway Park and 20 Franklin Street are excellent examples of this important work.”

  • Kevin O’Sullivan
    Kevin O’Sullivan Former President & CEO

    Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI)

    “The Worcester Business Development Corp has been at the forefront of many of the major economic development projects that have created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of tax base for Worcester, Central Mass and the Commonwealth. MBI has had the pleasure of working with the WBDC on projects ranging from the Biotechnology Research Park, CenTech Park, Airport Industrial Park and Gateway Park. In each of these endeavors, the WBDC has taken a lead role in accomplishing very difficult development and construction tasks with great efficiency, while building an effective public and private partnership in order to get the job done.

    Their latest accomplishment – the 20 Franklin Street site — was probably their most difficult. But, as usual, they were the entity that took this intricate project on and delivered a major building remake in the downtown bringing it to successful completion. All of us within the construction, development and government fields enjoy partnering with the WBDC because of their stellar reputation for quality, civic commitment and teamwork. MBI is grateful for all of their contributions and look forward to our continued positive working relationship. We wish them continued success over their next 50 years!”

  • Troy Siebels
    Troy Siebels President & CEO

    The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

    “WBDC was a key partner in the $32 million dollar historic restoration of The Hanover Theatre in 2007-2008, and has been a strong ally ever since. The WBDC’s Theatre District initiative, began with the creation of a master plan for the district in 2012, is intended to leverage the theatre’s 200,000 annual visitors to build a vibrant downtown.

    We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the WBDC in the Theatre District, and expect that they will be every bit as successful at bringing that vision to fruition as they have been with so many other projects; thanks to their consistent diligence, foresight and expertise.”

  • Jeffrey Solomon
    Jeffrey Solomon Executive Vice President and CFO

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    “For many year WPI worked in close partnership with the WBDC on making The Gateway Park project a reality. In fact, it was the WBDC’s initial vision that ignited WPI’s own passion for this project, leading to the university’s investment of more than $110 million thus far.

    Working together, we transformed a blighted and underutilized area in the core of the city into a clean, thriving development that is now home to a mix of academic, research and commercial enterprises.

    The Gateway Park project has been recognized as a national model of environmental stewardship and urban redevelopment, and was designated as the anchor for the state’s first Growth District, an initiative to accelerate job creation in locations that are primed and ready for development.

    As a partner, WBDC demonstrated remarkable creativity, drive, resourcefulness and diligence. When our partnership changed in 2010, the WBDC still continued to promote the growth and success of the Park. WPI will be forever grateful for their leadership, partnership and support.”

  • Edward M. Augustus, Jr.
    Edward M. Augustus, Jr. City Manager

    City of Worcester

    “The WBDC has played a key role in the development of Worcester, with a strong focus on rehabilitating contaminated properties and buildings. Out of the numerous projects they have accomplished, a few stand out, helping to establish Worcester as a leader in the biotech and life sciences industries as well as home to world-class performing arts: the development of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Research Park, which is home to many organizations including the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s research facilities; the development of Gateway Park in partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute; and the restoration of the historic Hanover Theatre.

    The WBDC has been a critically important partner to the city of Worcester on a host of projects that have helped shape the city into what it is today and will set the stage for the next 50 years and more.”